Amazon Prime – Hunters

Client / Product: Amazon Prime, Hunters

Media Channels: BVOD / OOH / Youtube

Agency: Initiative Media

Role: Senior Art Director


What problems are we trying to solve?

While Dettol has been helping protect Australians for over 80 years, with an expansive portfolio spanning across household & personal care; Dettol’s equity is reliant on its old heritage and strong awareness in market, Today, Dettol is lacking any differentiation from competitors in market, especially within categories that have become strongly commoditised where value & price are the main purchase drivers. Dettol’s lack of differentiation has been amplified due to the inconsistency in the comms approach & always focusing on the functional, losing out on resonating or leveraging a more emotional connection with our target consumers. A rare opportunity lies ahead, we’ve witnessed  heightened germ kill awareness of consumers driven by COVID-19, and need to ensure that Dettol remains relevant in  driving hygiene awareness during such a critical period & instigating behavioural change beyond an epidemic.

What is the role for communication:

What: Covid-19 has emphasised the importance of hygiene in illness protection & instigated behavioural change and education amongst all. Dettol needs to relaunch its unique purpose of illness protection by emphasizing the brands trust & heritage, and how hygiene will continue to be important in tackling what’s to come, 

How: Driving an emotional connection with people by bringing optimism & hope and empowering Australians together in the role we all play in protecting our loved ones, through the everyday hygiene moments and practices that we need to continue beyond an epidemic.

The People (described as People):

While we previously focused on the millennial parent, Covid-19 has had a fundamental impact on the role of the “protector”, a role reversal where we not only saw parents protecting their children, but where everyone is a protector of those around them, whether its your child, partner, parent or neighbour.

Human Insight (why they act, feel, think the way they do –what is the most pertinent one to help unlock the problem?):

You would do anything to protect your loved ones, as nothing is more important in life.

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